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Creating a Teaching Diagram

Diagramming is a way to organize your thoughts about a particular practice in order to make a plan or to better understand your practice. A plan you come to know well, can manage and use with a great deal of efficiency and effectiveness. Something that becomes second nature to you. The complexity of our thoughts and the process to carry that out seems only difficult as it remains in our head. In actuality, the process becomes quite simple through the creation of a visual diagram (schema, list, chart). This model (pictured) was developed by Artway of Thinking, a group from Italy that will serve us as a guide to mapping out your teaching as a practice. plugging in sensibilities, dispositions, attentions and experiences to shape your work. Teaching requires like art, to have a way of thinking about it as well as a methodology. We will spend some time looking at the construction of our own teaching diagram which you will eventually share and demonstrate. We as a collective, will come to some consensus about what are core principles or patterns that bring each of us to a more meaningful and effective practice during our discussions.

This is the group, Artway of Thinking’s model for diagramming their methodology and subsequent practice. See Link to their website in the Blogroll on the right.

Making zines is a brilliant tool for organizing works, capturing them with a beginning and end, simultaneously establishing an archive of projects and examining how the small booklet or zine is both process and product. It has become an efficient method to self-publish a range of activity from cataloging books to being its own book, short lessons and extensive units, community projects, how-tos and anything you can imagine between covers. Working on zines with children and youth sets up the conditions for working together, having everything they need always with them and how both teacher and student can capitalize on how and when the students can participate in the development, research and execution of their own ideas and work.  Chicago is a seedbed of zine production and distribution. Go to Quimbys


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